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CanTree Food ltd. is a main distribution branch of PomidorProm Canning holdings PLC.

We are fast growing company providing distribution and logistic services for various international and local food brands such as:

- Ogorodnikov
- CanTree
- Selters
- Odenwald
- Biotta

CanTree Food obtains the wide range of exclusive contracts in its portfolio. The wide distribution net of CanTree Food lets us guarantee the fast achievement of adequate sales volumes for all brands and items, presented by us on the territory of CIS and Russia.
Our main principles are transparent policy and professionalism in relations with our business partners.

As far as the headquarters of CanTree Food is situated in St Petersburg, our main sales power is concentrated in the Northern part of Russia. We work with all main retailers such as Metro Cash&Carry, Lenta hypermarkets, O'key, Pyaterochka, Nahodka, Assorti etc. The brands we represent takes a sufficient part of shelves in the retail nets.

How to Get in Touch with Us

CanTree Food:

Telephones: +7(812) 449-07-20 (multi-channel)
Fax: +7 (812) 449-07-40

6, Shotlandskaya st. 198035, Russia

E-mail: info@cantree.ru

Contact person: Andreyeva Elena
info@cantree.ru Все права принадлежат
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